My calendar at a glance...


JULY               19-20, Kickassiette, Adelaide, SA, AU
                        21-22, Kickassiette, Adelaide, SA, AU
                        27, Kickassiette, Woodford, NSW, AU
                        28, Mind the Gap, Woodford, NSW, AU
                        29, FUNdamento, Woodford, NSW, AU

AUGUST        3, FUNdamento, Christchurch, NZ
                        4, Kickassiette, Christchurch, NZ
                        5, Mind the Gap, Christchurch, NZ
                       11-13, Radical Dimensions, Melbourne, VIC, AU
                       25-26, Kickassiette, Seattle, WA, USA

SEPTEMBER   22-23, Mind the Gap, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

OCTOBER      Possibly Brussels, Belgium...stay tuned!

NOVEMBER  2-4, Amsterdam? Stay tuned!

DECEMBER    Studio

JANUARY     13-14, Kickassiette, Edmonton, AB, Canada
                       25-26, Ulterior Motifs, Austin, TX, USA
                       27-28, Mind the Gap, Austin, TX, USA

FEBRUARY    10-11, Kickassiette, Seattle, WA, USA
                       24-25, Kickassiette, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

MARCH         14, Mind the Gap, Boston, MA, USA
                       15, Mind the Gap, Boston, MA, USA

APRIL             14, FUNdamento, Seattle, WA, USA
                        21-22, Mind The Gap, Oakland, CA, USA

MAY               3-4, Quick-Release, Hillsboro, OR, USA
                        5-6, Kickassiette, Hillsboro, OR, USA
                        18, Mind the Gap, Arlington, MA, USA
                        19-20, Quick-Release, Arlington, MA, USA

JUNE              8-9, Kickassiette, Minneapolis, MN, USA
                       10-11, FUNdamento, Minneapolis, MN, USA